About Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Hluhluwe – iMFOLOZI Game Reserve is deemed as the leading park in the entire province of Kwazulu-Natal, . This park is home to the white rhinos, which are starting to become extinct.

In order to protect these species of wildlife, this park was granted protection for the rhino’s sanctuary. The rhinos have become a common sighting at the park.


The scenic reserve of Hluhluwe – iMFOLOZI Game Reserve offers a thrilling wildlife viewing experience. Sightings of the Big Five, white and black rhinos, buffalos, big cats, and elephants can be spotted. Other common species found are giraffes and zebras roaming throughout the park.

Hluhluwe – iMFOLOZI Game Reserve is known for being a white rhino conservation park. This park has the largest population of the white rhinos found in the world. Other wildlife seen in the park on night drives are nyalas, antelopes, wild dogs, and leopards.

Hluhluwe – iMFOLOZI Game Reserve offers its best wildlife viewing times in its dry months. These months start from June to September. The months August to September is when the dry season starts to end. During this time, temperatures start to rise, vegetation starts to thin down, and animals start to gather around the water sources.

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